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WeCare Components is a specialist in AVR Microcontroller chips and their applications – though we do sell a range of other chips such as the timeless timer – the 555 and those very useful ULN2803 Darlington driver chips! 


At present we are only selling via eBay auctions. To see what we’re currently offering, please go to:




and click on “Items for Sale

If you’re into AVR Microcontrollers you may be interested in this book which provides lots of information about programming stand-alone AVRs whilst still using the Arduino development environment. It shows how to build an interesting set of games, gadgets and home automation projects, many of which go way beyond just flashing lights and venture into the realm of movement and intelligent interaction with the real world!






WeCare Components is based in Cornwall – part of the growing community of hi-tech enterprises located here. If you thought Cornwall was just about holidays, clotted cream teas and pasties – it may be time to think again!